skincaremixLay the foundation to healthy, radiant skin. After becoming acquainted with your skin type, condition, and home care habits a facial treatment is then tailored to the clients individual needs.

  • Spa Facial $70 Waiting to exhale?...This facial is the stress fix you need to Relax, Relate, and Release.
  • Embodiment Facial $125 An "Uber Luxurious Facial" hands down! Relax, Relate, Release as you experience total body rejuvenation. Includes relaxing treatments for the hands, feet, scalp, and body. A fabulous personal treat or gift!!!
  • Express Facial $50 Revitalize your complexion with an abrreviated facial that will place the focus on cleansing, hyrdration, and protection. Leaving you looking radiant in a flash.
  • Level 1 Facial $70 A pure focus facial that will answer questions related to specific skin issues. Learn to apply better skin care habits to your regimen.
    • Renewing Infusion: Dry, dehydrated, prematurely aged, photo- damaged skin
    • Brightening Infusion: Hyper-pigmentation, melasma, photo-damaged skin
    • Clarifying Infusion: Combination, excessively oily, active acne, congested skin
    • Soothing Infusion: Inflammatory, red, sensitive skin
  • Level 2 Facial $90 An advance clinical treatment using highly concentrated vitamins, minerals, and enzymes to address the concerns of the face and décolleté.
    • C+Vitalit
    • Anti-Aging Corrrective
    • Anti-Dark Spot Corrective
    • Anti-Acne Corrective
    • Anti- Redness Corrective
  • Chemical Peel $100 Advanced exfoliation treatment of the face intended to correct, and protect. Known as the "lunch-time peel", fruit acids dissolve the outermost layer of skin cells, which then shed over the following days to reveal a fresher, younger, brighter, tighter, and more even skin tone. (Other areas and pricing available for hands/arms, feet/legs, and décolleté). Good for all skin types and conditions.
  • Back/Bum $75 A customized infusion treatment for the “hard-to-reach area” of the back or backside.
  • Derma Planning $35
  • Extractions $50