wax-mixA convenient hair removal method eliminating the need to tweeze or shave; creating a smooth look as well as feel. Once you wax, you won't go back!! Please see our Waxing FAQ for the most frequently asked questions regarding waxing.

Arm Wax (1/2) $35

Arm Wax $50

Back Wax (Lower) $30

Back Wax $65+

Bikini Wax $50+  (See Waxing FAQ’s page)

Bikini Wax (Extended) $60+  (See Waxing FAQ’s page)

Brazilian Wax $70+  (See Waxing FAQ’s page)

Bum Wax $55

Center Brow Wax $8

Cheek Wax $20

Chest Wax $55+

Chin Wax $10

Chin Wax (Extended) $15

Eyebrow Wax $20

Full Body Wax $300  (Excludes Face and Intimate Region)

Full Face Wax $35  (Excludes Eyebrows)

Leg Wax (1/2) $65

Leg Wax $100

Lip Wax $10

Sideburns Wax $15

Shoulder Wax $25

Stomach Wax (Lower) $25

Thigh Wax (Inner) $30

Underarm Wax $25