Waxing FAQ


A key component to successful waxing is knowing what to expect before, during and after. The following FAQ’s are provided to help answer any questions you may have regarding your waxing experience. If you have questions not addressed on this FAQ listing, please do not hesitate to contact me to ensure that all of your questions are answered accurately.

WHAT EXACTLY IS WAXING? Waxing is a form of hair removal that removes the entire hair from the hair follicle. Warm wax is applied to the skin and adheres to the hair. When removed, the hair is pulled from the root.

WHY SHOULD I WAX VS. SHAVING, ELECTROLYSIS OR LASER? If waxing is done consistently, hair grows back slower, finer, and more sparse. Shaving cuts the hair off at the skin and the quantity and thickness of the hair stays the same. Shaving can also increase skin sensitivity and create a higher probability for ingrown hairs. Electrolysis and Laser hair removal doesn’t work for everyone and can be unpredictable and costly. If your hair lacks a significant pigment, you may not be a candidate for laser; as the laser can not read light, blonde, or gray hair.

DOES WAXING HURT? Everyone’s pain tolerance is different but you can expect a short, stinging sensation. However, I am very aware of the element of discomfort of each guest. If you are worried about being sensitive, my technique involves various accommodations to remedy most levels of discomfort. Continuous waxing causes finer and less hair therefore waxing becomes more comfortable.

HOW LONG CAN I EXPECT MY WAXING TO LAST? If you’ve allowed your hair to grow out to the proper length (1/4 in.) prior to waxing, you can expect to be hair-free for a minimum of 3-4 weeks following your appointment.

CAN I BE WAXED IF I’M TAKING RETIN A, RENOVA, OR ACCUTANE? These medications increase the rate at which your skin exfoliates so waxing could be potentially risky. Please let your Esthetician know immediately if you are on any medications. Also be aware that chemical peels, laser, and micro-dermabrasion can also affect skin integrity.

CAN I GET WAXED IF I’M ON MY PERIOD or PEGNANT? Yes. However, if you are concerned, increased hormone activity will make you more sensitive and I encourage you to inform your Esthetician prior to your scheduled appointment.

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BIKINI, MODIFIED BIKINI, & BRAZILIAN? • Bikini – for the “Modest”…hair will be removed that extends 1in. outside the panty line including leg crease of thigh. • Bikini Extended/Modified – for the “Adventuresome”…hair will be removed that extends 1in. outside/inside the panty line including leg crease of thigh. •Brazilian – for the “Courageous”…all hair is removed in and around the intimate zone and includes the consternation intimate region; “your Tail-Feathers”. Any hair removed from your genitalia or private parts, makes it a BRAZILIAN!  **Under 18 years of age requires a parent or guardian.**

WHAT TO DO BEFORE AN APPOINTMENT: • I recommend that you exfoliate the area several days prior to your appointment. Thoroughly clean the area keeping the skin moist, but not greasy from lotions or oils. • Hair needs to be at least ¼” to 1 inch for effective waxing. For most people this means waiting 3-4 weeks from the last time you shaved. The longer you wait the better.  If the hair is very long you must trim with scissors to the necessary length prior to coming in to avoid extreme discomfort. You will not be allowed to trim any hair in the salon and your appointment could be void. • Please avoid sun exposure for 48 hours prior to waxing and after you wax. • Wear whatever makes you comfortable. The element of nudity is always preserved.

WHAT TO DO AFTER WAX APPOINTMENT: • Ingrown hairs are thin hairs that cannot push through the skin resulting in inflammation. The best way to prevent is to gently exfoliate 2-3 times a week. • Your skin may be sensitive following your wax. Any redness or irritation should subside within a few hours. Avoid friction, tight fitting clothes, sun exposure/tanning, hot baths/hot tubs, steamers/saunas, heavy or fragrant lotions, and exfoliation for 48-72 hours following your service. Blot, don't wipe! • For best results I recommend waxing every 4-6 weeks as your hair will gradually assume a likely growth cycle.